Key Stage 4

For Years 9 and 10

Key Stage 4 at BISM consists of Years 9 and 10. During Key Stage 3, teachers lay the foundations for IGCSE study. Students in Key Stage 4 study eight IGCSE subjects over two years, with English, Mathematics and a minimum of two Science subjects being compulsory.  At the end of these two years, students sit their final examinations for each subject.

It is important that students bear in mind potential subjects that they may want to study at university when choosing their IGCSE subjects. This is because universities in Egypt will look at IGCSE results as their main prerequisite for admission. Those students wishing to travel abroad to study at university will usually need post-IGCSE, Advanced level qualifications (in the same subjects) to be admitted.

At BISM, we have a wealth of expertise to guide students through their IGCSE subject choices and through the courses themselves.

AT BISM, we study the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Syllabi. Below is a copy of the syllabus for each of the IGCSE subjects that we currently offer at BISM.

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