Amira Helmy

Foundation Stage Teacher

Amira has been working in Early Years education for fourteen years and teaching her own classes at BISM for the past five years.

She had completed her BA in major Business Management from Open University UK, then she continued to pursue and to develop her career by completing her Postgraduate Certification in Education from the University of Sunderland UK.

Amira has also built experience through many courses in; supporting children in Maths and Literacy development, communication skills, SEN Autism and development disorders, Brain balance for music and movement, managing behaviours, strategies to build self-esteem and self-discipline, and supporting English as an Addition Language for Learners in EYFS.

She loves to be part of children’s journeys; from their initial steps to seeing them achieving and building their character through the year. What Amira finds most awarding is watching children develop different skills and abilities.

The inspiration she gets by seeing all of them grow and develop has made this her passion and goal to continue and improve.

Along with teaching, Amira is passionate about health and fitness, she enjoys practicing yoga, meditation, gym, outdoor rock climbing and

completed her diving course in Dahab.