Marzi El Aasar

Foundation Stage Teacher

Marzi was born and lived in the UK until her adulthood, she studied and graduated from London.  Marzi worked a lot with deprived children from a young age, most of her work was with orphans in London.

While studying at university she took up a part-time role with the ‘Right Start Foundation’ educating young children about the negative effects of drugs. She realized then that she has a passion to teach young children the tools and mindset to have a good start in life. After graduating with a BA(HONS) she traveled to Egypt to work with a charity organization called ‘Atfal Al Shawaree’ (Street Children).

She helped set up funds for a schooling system to educate the children on basic discipline, Safeguarding and English reading and speaking.

After South Africa, Marzi moved to Dubai to help set up a nursey from the design to the EYFS curriculum. She enjoyed the process so much that she continued to work there as an EYFS teacher for a year. She was then delighted when she was offered another job opportunity in Cairo as an EYFS teacher.

She has settled down for now in Cairo until her next adventure arises. Marzi enjoys dancing, playing badminton, baking and decorating interiors.