Welcome to The British International School, Madinaty, Cairo

Meet our Principal, Lois Reed

I am delighted to welcome you to the BISM website.

It is an honour and a privilege to have been welcomed into the GEMs family, where I have found a hard-working and committed community that is determined to do the very best for all students. The enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and the diversity of talent of the members of our community inspire me.

BISM wishes to be at the heart of the community, and community is at the heart of what we do. In promoting our core value of ‘respect’ we will encourage staff and students to get involved actively in school, charity work and other opportunities.

The aim of our school is to be an educational leader in Egypt and to be working at an international level through GEMS Education.

Our commitment as a school will be to deliver highly dynamic, progressive and personalised learning that enables students to be leaders, designers, creators and contributors in our world.

BISM, is committed to preparing students to function effectively in an interdependent global community. In addition to acquiring a core body of knowledge – which is established reflecting the British national curriculums – all students will develop their individual capacities for academic, personal and interpersonal capabilities.

After extensive research into the skills, knowledge and career opportunities in the 21st century we have committed to introducing a pioneering new enrichment curriculum at BISM. With increasing technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence in our world, for example, students will need to do more than memorise knowledge and facts if they are to be successful in the future.

One part of this exciting initiative will be a greater focus on innovation, technology, and career-skills, with all our students, from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 12, being immersed in an enhanced “STEM” environment, with dedicated curriculum time and resources being provided through a partnership with the “Engineeius” programme. This programme will be age-related and will include such exciting learning opportunities as understanding Forces, Electricity, Wind Turbines, Solar Cells, Robotics, Game Designs, Space exploration among many other areas.

At every opportunity, the leadership of this school and GEMS have expressed their commitment to the academic excellence of the institution—not only to maintain it but to moving us to ever greater aspirations and accomplishments.

I trust that all of you, like me, are ready for the fresh challenges and opportunities ahead. We will advance our initiatives and discover new ones, and we will continue the work that will make BISM one of the world's leading schools.

Lois Reed