Why choose The British International School, Madinaty, Cairo

Why you should choose BISM for your child

From highly qualified British and Egyptian teachers, and a broad, well-structured British Curriculum, to state-of-the-art facilities and a world of opportunities, there are countless reasons why you would want your child to be part of BISM.

British Qualified Teachers

Our teachers at BISM come from various backgrounds and from different countries bringing so much diversity to the school which enriches the learning environment. All teachers bring along years of experience teaching the British National Curriculum, however, it doesn’t stop there. At BISM we know that teachers are the key to the classroom and how critical the right teachers are to your child’s development and success. All our teachers are not only qualified to teach. They are also constantly updated and staying current with latest tools and teaching methodologies to provide and exceptional learning experience.

Preparation for College & Life

Students have the chance to play a positive, proactive role in making decisions that could influence their future opportunities in life.

BISM currently offers an exceptionally high standard of education taught by British-qualified teachers covering a wide range of subjects, from languages, humanities and social sciences, to mathematics and science. The quality, well-rounded education afforded by BISM opens up a world of pathways and opportunity after graduation, whether they choose to attend university or otherwise. BISM currently offers all secondary students university counselling and assistance; however, this will soon be expanded into a much larger, fully dedicated team offering complete guidance, ranging from helping students with their subject choices in Year 8, to providing careers and university application support in Year 12.

Endless opportunities with GEMS Education

BISM has recently joined the family of GEMS operated schools and this only comes with great news! GEMS believes in independent learning and empowers students to embrace responsibility. New learning schemes will be woven in the school system that challenges the convention, allowing a huge room for students’ creativity to prevail while exploiting the best from single student to truly produce global citizens for the future. The opportunities don’t only stop at educational improvements, GEMS also comes with a wide range of services that ensure an integration of excellence on every level including Teachers Training, Systems & Technology & Health & Safety Measures.


All BISM staff share the belief that curricular quality is not determined by a set of standards or a textbook, and we work hard to always communicate this to our wider community. Because a quality learning experience is determined by well-trained and qualified teachers who are passionately dedicated to fulfilling the academic mission of BISM.

Now part of GEMS Education, we are confident that BISM teachers will continue to be exposed to cutting-edge trends in education and amply equipped with the necessary tools to best prepare students for success in the future, with lots of opportunities with its qualifying and certifying teacher and leadership training arm TELLAL.