Enrichment Programme


To enhance the rigorous British curriculum that BISM have been providing to students by highly qualified and experienced teachers, BISM is launching a brand new strategy to be positioned as a career skills-focused school.

With this unique and innovative approach, BISM will be focusing on each student’s own capabilities and will design a special and personalised programme for each student to enrich his or her own career skills.

BISM’s primary objective is to prepare students to move successfully toward a future career path. This involves providing curriculum opportunities and real-life experiences to build students’ general capabilities, to support students’ interests and aspirations, and to enable them to make informed decisions about their subject choices and pathways.

A STEM programme will be provided to each student from FS2 to Year 8, to empower creativity, innovation, and curiosity in future generations, through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, fostering the development of a dynamic, innovative society.

Starting from the academic year 2019- 2020 the “STEM “programme will give the chance for every student at BISM to work independently and build his or her own project in a real-life experience and fun and engaging environment under the supervision of the Engeeniues professional team of highly qualified trainers, who will provide an all year long programme, as part of the timetabled curriculum, for students from FS2 until Year 8, according to age group.

Each child from FS2 to Year 8, will get the opportunity to recognise that studying Science, Design & Technology, Computer Science, and Mathematics at school can lead them to a highly rewarding career pathway in the future.

BISM future leaders from Year 9-Year 12 will have the opportunity to improve their own interpersonal and communication skills through an intensive programme, which will provide them with the career awareness and career development skills they need for future.

Young Professionals programme will give every student at BISM opportunity to know more about him/herself so they are empowered and inspired to choose the career path that they would fit in. Students will get introduced to the basic, yet, crucial skills needed for a future career, including but not limited to, creating a professional Curriculum Vitae, attending job fair conferences, and discussing how to make partnerships with worldwide universities.

They will also have the chance to turn their dream jobs into a real-life experience through training, camps, projects, and competitions to polish their personalities & skills. The full year-long enrichment programme provided by iSpark will be an integral part of BISM secondary students educational experience.

Young Professional Programme will provide magnificent scope of opportunity for BISM students to connect with speakers and decisions makers from different industries and business sectors during the year so they can grow as successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals.

BISM will develop students’ own knowledge, skills and choices through a planned programme of real-life experience and training settings which will assist all students to make informed decisions about their career path options and enable effective participation in their future working life.