Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at BISM, Cairo

At BISM we focus on balancing play and structured activities, to engage children with the environment around them. We promote learning both indoors and outdoors through adult led activities and child led interests.

BISM Early Years follows the UK Statutory Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2021, using the guidance in the Development Matters 2020 (revised 2021) to deliver the framework.

The framework is divided into seven areas, all of which are intertwined to create a holistic approach to child development.

Pre- School Overview

Preschool is a warm, safe and friendly environment where children learn through routines, play and exploration. Creative play and engaging activities enhance working memory, focus attention and enable children to begin developing self-regulation and personal skills. Children are encouraged to develop in confidence, independence, effective language and communication, fine and gross muscle movement, managing feelings and behaviour, as well as social skills. 

FS1 Overview

FS1 focuses on the Prime areas of learning in the Early Years Framework. These are, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

Daily routines and activities are designed to promote Communication and Language, and Physical development which are imperative for academic success throughout the Primary years.

In FS1 children begin Phase 1 Phonics. Listening for sounds and distinguishing sounds, enables children to become good listeners and enhance auditory skills ready for reading and writing.

Children are encouraged to mark make and give meaning to their marks as a precursor to writing. Daily mathematical routines and group sessions are introduced to develop number composition skills and basic mathematical concepts.

Personal, Social and Emotional skills are continually supported, encouraged and developed, so that children make friends, resolve conflicts and play and learn from and with others.

FS2  Overview

FS2 follows the Statutory Framework 2021 to work towards the Early Learning Goals in all seven areas of learning, building confidence with language; speaking, listening, rhyme, mathematical concepts, reading, and writing.

Strong daily routines are embedded to practise mathematics, reading and writing. GEMS Jewels of Kindness and The Characteristics of Effective Learning are actively promoted to develop children’s emotional, personal and social skills.

Children start learning to read and write through daily Phonics sessions. We encourage children to explore and question the world around them through child led topic work and real-life experiences. The Early Years Framework is broad and balanced, delivered creatively to immerse children into their own learning, developing skills such as critical thinking, questioning and problem solving.


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