Future-Based Learning Technologies

Go Beyond Your Classroom!


At BISM we strive to stimulate the learning and teaching approaches and go beyond the traditional classroom experience. Hence, we invest heavily on cutting-edge learning technologies in different areas to make sure our students are ready for future challenges with the best set of tools and experiences.  

Starting next year, BISM will be the first school in Egypt to use VR-X One educational VR kit for learning core subjects which will innovatively transform the way students learn into a live experience, full of educational activities.

As a GEMS School, we are committed to making quality education within the reach of every child, through the latest future-based technologies and remote learning tools for you to rest assured that your children’s learning never stops.

With the recent launch of our exclusive Remote Learning platform (Phoenix Classroom), we are fully equipped to provide our students with a continuous and seamless learning experience that includes but is not limited to:

  • Video streaming and live lessons for all core subjects;
  • Progress tracking and attainment with ability for parents to track the progress of their children through parent accounts;
  • Communication tools for parents and teachers;
  • Access to online video material and resources that cover activities, stories and much more!

You as a parent, will enjoy access to a one of a kind, exclusive portal and mobile application that allows you to reach all your educational related requirements from your pocket!

  • Students and parent profile;
  • Academic reports;
  • Account and payment statements;
  • Attendance Reports;
  • Transportation, ECA and other services registration.

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