STEM-Embedded British Curriculum

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


STEM is not about learning mathematics and science only, it is about acquiring thinking skills and focusing on real world’s applications of problem solving at a very early stage of their educational journey. Only by then, you can rest assured that your children are confident and empowered to succeed in the future.

All our students from FS2-Y8 are immersed in a STEM Programme that is age-related, as part of the timetabled curriculum, allowing every student to work independently to develop a higher level of thinking skills in a fun and engaging environment where he/she experiments, analyses and learns from his/ her own discoveries.

Students will also work on projects in a team and enjoy being challenged to showcase their potentials and master their problem-solving techniques!

We offer our students a fantastic opportunity to acquire innovation, creativity, collaboration, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills through a series of hands-on activities and well-structured themes that enable them to explore worlds of shapes, forces, electricity, robotics, coding and programming and much more.

The fun is also extended to parents where they can enjoy and celebrate their children mastering their STEM skills through series of scheduled STEM-Quality time, Open Classes and Presentations offered to showcase the project management skills of the little innovators.

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