EYFS Curriculum

Curiosity, challenge, care, choices and chances

Pre- School Curriculum Overview

We believe that Preschool is a warm, safe a friendly place where children learn through play and exploration. Through creative play, well-thought-out games, and engaging activities, children can be equipped to enhance their working memory, focus their attention and acquire self-control. These skills provide children with the foundations which help them actualise their potential as confident and efficient learners in the later years. Every day our Preschool children are immersed in a world of curiosity, wonder and excitement. Children are encouraged to develop Foundation skills in; confidence, independence, effective language and communication, fine and gross muscle movement, managing feelings and behaviour, as well as social skills.

FS1 Curriculum Overview

In FS1, we want children to flourish in a learning environment that inspires them and excites them. We focus on the Prime Area of skills set out in Development Matters British Curriculum. Personal, Social and Emotional skills are continually supported, encouraged and developed, so that children make friends, resolve conflicts and learn to play and learn from and with others. Children are encouraged to be great communicators; listen actively, communicating in English using a varied vocabulary. Fine and Gross Motor skills are promoted to ensure children have strong muscles and co-ordination to begin pre-reading and pre-writing skills. All this is achieved through play and exploration where children are actively learning, creating and thinking critically, in a safe and warm learning environment.

FS2 Curriculum Overview

The FS2 journey begins with fun, laughter, and courage. Children are encouraged to be confident, caring and courageous pupils. FS2 focuses on building confidence with language; speaking, listening, rhyme, reading, and writing. We focus our learning across 7 areas of the Development Matters curriculum including; Social and Emotional skills, Communication and Language, Physical Development of the muscles and movements, Literacy, Maths, Art and Design as well as Understanding the World and Technology. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, delivered in a fun way that truly immerses children into a world of imagination and creativity.

What to Expect.

Children are born learners, with a desire to learn. They have an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out for themselves. This is the foundation for loving learning and education. Curiosity, challenge, care, choices, and chances are at the heart of the Foundation Stage at British International School Madinaty.

The world of early education begins at home and continues throughout school. We believe learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage happens best when we work together as one team; parents, carers, students and educators become a family. Children are at the heart of everything we do and parents are involved in learning and development every step of the way. As a family, we will provide the community necessary to give ‘our children’ the consistency, love, and encouragement they need to become successful in their education and lives.

We are a team with big hearts and warm smiles, and we aim to do all we can to help our children have the best possible start in their education and life. We are fully committed to developing each child, encouraging independence and confidence in their abilities. We believe every child is a talker and every child can succeed.

Our curriculum is designed to give children lots of opportunities to build skills for life through their own interests and in playful, safe and fun environments. We balance adult-led activities with independent opportunities to learn. Our team is committed to creating warm, responsive and supportive interactions that inspire children. We want to develop more than academics. We want to build the foundation in children to learn effectively throughout their lives.

Learning in our settings is focused on the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development). These areas teach children to;

  • Interact with others
  • Be creative, imaginative and curious
  • Understand their own characters and emotions
  • Understand others and how to work with others positively
  • Share, take turns and resolve conflicts
  • Build care and empathy
  • Build resilience and confidence to keep trying
  • Develop ways to listen and communicate effectively
  • Develop courage and confidence to challenge themselves and take risks
  • Develop language, speech and a varied vocabulary
  • Build reasoning, critical thinking, and evaluation skills
  • Build their physical bodies (coordination, core muscles, and motor skills), which is necessary for reading, writing, mathematics, sports and the arts (music, art and drama).

Supporting the Prime Areas are our core lessons;

  • Phonics
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Arabic
  • PE
  • Music
  • IT and Communication Technology

We believe every day is an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. As a team, we strive to do better and we believe we will keep going until we get there. This is a normal day in Early Years.

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