Wellness Program

Our Pastoral and Wellbeing Program at BISM


From our Deputy Head of Primary for Pastoral 

Ms. Engy ElSayed

On behalf of the BISM staff, I would like to welcome all BISM parents and students back to school for the 2023-2024 school year! It is with great pleasure to serve you and our children at BISM. As we embark on the new academic year, the EYFS and Primary departments are excited to collaborate with you to positively impact our childrens’ social and emotional development and needs. We believe that with a strong partnership between the parents and the school, together our children can achieve their highest potential in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Our Pastoral and Wellbeing Programme


Our aim is to create a safe environment where our BISM children feel happy, welcomed, and empowered and ensure that their school experience is filled with exploration, opportunities, and new challenges. We firmly believe that happy students learn better and engage in a meaningful way, which helps them get the most out of their school learning experience.

At BISM, we strive to promote, protect, and support the social health and emotional wellbeing for all our students. Our staff, with their supportive and caring ethos, are full of positivity and kindness, and ensure that each individual and his/her contributions are valued. 

We understand that everyone's experience is different and may go through various challenges in their life that can make one vulnerable, and at times, we all may need additional support and care. So, our view on positive mental health is that everyone is responsible and has to play a role in supporting our children through any of these tough times.

BISM Pastoral team are always available for all our students, staff and parents. Please feel free to reach out to any of the team if you have any concerns, suggestions or feedback.